My name is Terry Brayer and I am running for State Representative, House District -1.

Occupation:  Retired

Marital History: Married to Kathy Brayer for over 43 years. With two children and four grandchildren.

Work History: Retail Ass't. Manager, 30 +years working in the California Department of Corrections working my way from Correctional Officer to Correctional Administrator Limited Term). I worked in Men's Prisons for 13 years and Women's prisons for 13 years and 5 years in Headquarters.

I have over 20 years experience in Supervision and Management, with responsibility for over 100 Correctional Officers, 17 Correctional Sergeants and ten Correctional Lieutenants.  I was responsible for a multi-million dollar annual budget.

Educational Background: 1965: Ramona High School, Riverside, California

1974: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, California State University, Fullerton

1977: Master of Science: Counseling, California State University, Fullerton

1977: Pupil Personnel Service Credential, California State University, Fullerton


Prior Governmental Experiences:  Vietnam Combat Veteran from 1968 to 1969;

California Department of Corrections Administrator from 1971 to 2002.  First Litigation-Coordinator for the California Medical  Facility, Vacaville;

Liaison for the 33 prison Litigation coordinators and Headquarters.

Responsible for establishing rules and regulations for the Department of Corrections.

12 Years Volunteer work with ODFW.

Current Chairman of the Nesika Beach-Ophir Neighborhood Watch.

Why am I running for State Representative, House District 1 what is my platform:

I am running for State Representative, House District -1 because as George Bush said: "I am a unifier not a divider." I hope I treat all individuals with respect and dignity even if we hold disparate views. I value our differences and hopefully use them as strengths. One can disagree on policies without being disagreeable. I believe we need to work collaboratively toward shared goals and am willing to compromise to bring about best practices that we can all work towards. We need to encourage and explore new ideas.


My Platform Consist of three main principles:

1. Schools: I am strong believer in improving the Education system in Oregon and believe in enhancing vocational education to our High Schools. This will in fact help increase our graduation rates in rural southern Oregon.

2. Jobs: In order to address the employment issue first we need to address the affordable housing issue. People need to have a safe place to live, in order to feel comfortable to look for employment. We need to have an open discussion and realistic approach to Land Management. I do not believe that the Federal Government is going to deed back forest land that never belonged to the State and or Counties. I do believe in good, sustainable, land management practices.

3. Families: When discussing families you are talking also about the health of the family. As a partially disabled combat veteran, I understand and appreciate the need for clean air and water. I am a strong advocate of Veteran Services, as Southern Oregon has the largest rate of veterans of any Oregon area. I know firsthand that we need to strengthen Veteran Medical Services along the coast.

After 30+ years working in the California Department of Corrections I support Law and Order.

I am socially progressive.

I believe in smart, enforceable regulations.

I believe in Climate Change, especially after visiting the disappearing Glaciers in Alaska and watching the extremes that our weather has been undergoing. I believe that mankind exacerbates climate change.

I am interested in asking you to let me know what are your top three issues. Please forward them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope to bring our divergent citizenry together to achieve self sufficiency and stability and at the same time rejuvenate the District.

I am also asking for your contribution. Please make the check out to the: Committee to Elect Terry Brayer. If you choose to contribute, in order for me to comply with State regulations please include a contact number, your e-mail address your occupation and employer.

I am asking for your vote.

Thank you,

Terry Brayer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.